Welcome to Labyrinth Blue Studios! Located in Vancouver, WA, my small but powerful personal facility is where I do the vast majority of my tracking, mixing, and mastering.  This room features:

  • Mac Pro and Pro Tools HD Digital Audio Workstation

  • Solid State Logic SiX Console

  • Barefoot Footprint 01 monitors on isolated Ultimate Support sand-ballast stands with custom interconnects

  • Outboard preamps, DI, EQ and compression from Neve, Pultec, Avalon, SSL and more

  • Vast plug-in library featuring Waves, iZotope, Soundtoys, Massey, NI and more

  • 500GB digital instrument library including Komplete Ultimate

  • Redco DB25 patchbay with Mogami TT patch cables

  • Headphone monitoring by Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and AKG 

  • Acoustic treatment solutions by ASC and Primacoustic

  • Mic locker featuring Neumann, ADK and Shure solutions

  • Amplification by Mesa/Boogie, Orange and QSC

  • Instruments from Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Lakland, Epiphone and more

  • Effects from Strymon, Electro-Harmonix, TC Electronic, Keeley and more

  • Cables from Evidence Audio, Mogami and more

  • Various additional noisemakers, ranging from thunder generators to a nine-drone gut-strung bass lute

Contact me if you are interested in making music! I have worked with many bands, artists, and professionals, including:

MTV • The Hugs • Rad Max • Will West and the Friendly Strangers • David Bruneau • we]are[tom • Nightingale Records / Tony Coleman • Paper Brain • Erin Adkisson • Brad Brooks • Nicole Berke • Shay Scott • 12 Media Music • Minus Pluto • Thunder Carriage • The Reds • Shanachie Records / Crystal Bowersox • Emmett Wheatfall • The Red Octopuses • Jenna Ellefson • Peter Rodocker and So It Is • Erick Gilbertson • Steve Berlin • Pangur Ban Ceili Band • The Druthers • Ahmond • Adventures! With Might • Alethea Buchal • MARS Mobile Recording • The Sound Image (Woodinville) • Klickitat Band Camp (house engineer) • SuiteMusic LLC • Brainchild VHS • Opera Cinema Strike Force • Bach Cantata Choir • Additional Biscuit • Orchestre L'Pow! • Jonah Luke • Debra Luck • Southern Belle • Bluestone

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