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"A great workflow gets everything out of the way of capturing great sound"


Labyrinth Blue Studios is my one-room realization of a vision I've had for many years - to create a space in which any musical idea can be captured in album-ready fidelity as quickly as it comes to mind, using the highest quality equipment and instruments available.

Studio Hardware

  • Mac Pro - Pro Tools HD3 Accel DAW

  • MacBook Pro M1 16GB Editing Rig

  • Digidesign 192 8x16 AD/DA

  • Barefoot Footprint01 Monitors

  • SSL SiX Console

  • BAE 1032 Preamp/EQs

  • Neve 2264ALB Compressors

  • Pultec EQP500X Equalizers

  • Avalon VT737SP Tube Channel

  • Neumann, FleA, ADK & Shure mics

Instruments, Amps and Effects

  • Taylor 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars

  • Fender Gilmour Stratocaster electric

  • Lakland 55-60 Jazz Bass

  • Ibanez AS103 series electrics

  • Orange Dual Terror and Mesa Mark V amps

  • Effects from Strymon, Keeley, EHX and more

  • Komplete Ultimate digital instruments

  • 500GB of Kontakt instrument samples

  • Various band and string instruments

  • Various percussion and noisemakers


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.