• Tanner Cundy

Why Light?

It's been a challenging month around here, so I'm resurrecting a project I started last year which was/is an instrumental album based around the acoustic fingerstyle stuff I do for wineries, tasting rooms, bistros, etc.

This track was one of a dozen or so tunes I laid down as two-part acoustic, both tracked with the Neumann TLM170R and an ADK A51S-LE covering the body and 12th fret, along with DI going through the pedalboard for some effects (Strymon El Capistan and EH Holy Grail, mostly) and out to the Avalon VT737SP via a Neve RNDI.

The album, titled Music For Tasting, is still in the ol' machine and once I get around to wrapping up Curious Material, I will release that next. Enjoy and cheers!


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