• Tanner Cundy

Remix flex

It's been a long time since I've worked with electronic music, sampling, or synth-heavy stuff - but some encouragement from a recent use of my music by BT to demo the Stutter Edit 2 plugin motivated me to dust off the MIDI, re-learn some automation tricks, and dig in.

This track is a remix of BT and Iraina Mancini's The War. Stems were provided as part of a remix competition promoting the Stutter Edit 2 plugin. I tracked all-new synths, live bass, some extra vocals and drums, and generated about 16GB of stutter edits that were then layered in. Tempo was moved from 87 to 115 BPM, and the modality was reformed into a major-key take on a rather dark lyrical foundation. There's a dub break that uses the Strymon El Capistan pedal to create some runaway tape machine effects, too.

Final mix went through the Neve 2264ALBs/Pultec EQP500X and I had the SSL G-series comp riding the return into Pro Tools just in case things got a little hot.

SoundCloud link is below, enjoy! And, if you haven't, check out the original extended mix of The War for an exercise in modern music mastery. Seriously, it's incredible.



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