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I'm real excited to share with you the first single from Brainchild VHS's album Arcade Academy, the track Moonlight Megabyte! Check out the music video for the release below.

I mastered this album at my place using a few new additions to the studio, notably an expanded iZotope RX7 suite (right before they dropped 8, of course) and a couple linear phase EQs that I picked up from Waves. The primary reason for this - Arcade Academy is also getting pressed to vinyl and released on cassette, so an entire range of purpose-built masters were needed for the project with specific adjustments to fit the formats. I've done mastering for VHS here, but this was the first vinyl/cassette project to come to Labyrinth Blue.

Outboard gear included the 2264ALB pair set to 1.5:1 taking less than 2dB off at program max, SA (slow attack) mode and stereo link engaged, no limit, and a 400ms release, purely for a little transformer flavor and the incredibly smooth glue that I've been able to get out of those units. The Pultec EQP500X followed, boosting a tiny bit via shelves at 70Hz and 12kHz. Back into Pro Tools, where I finished up with a plugin chain that included the two linear phase EQs, Softube's Massive EQ in mid-side for some surgical sculpting, Waves API 2500 for helping bring the "LOUD" master up to battle volume, and finished off with the Massey L2007 limiter. Final export was out to RX7 to examine the files for any clipping, check true loudness levels, and dither for 16-bit exports.

I believe we ended up with four versions for this particular release - HQ streaming (my favorite, with averages hitting around the bench of -14dB LUFS), LOUD (coming up to 9dB LUFS), vinyl (with necessary EQ, phase and de-essing to prevent undesirable results at pressing), 16-bit (slightly outdated file requirements there, CD Baby...) and some alternates. The -14 version is what you're hearing on the video.

Enjoy! The rest of the album drops next month, including a track that I snuck in on to play a little guitar...

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