• Tanner Cundy

Gimme Shelter

Along with many friends and cohorts in the music industry, we've been getting creative with the shelter-in place direction here in the Pacific Northwest. A combination of livestreaming, YouTube videos, Acapella collabs, and remote tracking/mixing sessions have kept me busy.

One thing I've always admired about artists I'm inspired by is the ability to take older or timeworn tunes, apply a new rhythm or melodic approach, and re-invent. I've done that with a loopy, upbeat version of All In My Head. When I tracked this for my King & Queen EP, I went 100% Norah Jones with it - reverb-soaked electric guitar, intimate piano and vocals, subdued rhythm, a lot of major nine chords. This loopy version, tracked yesterday and posted to Youtube, changes it up with a more aggressive rhythm and some limited use of the Flashback X4 looper. Enjoy!


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