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Chasing them tones

One of my quests in the updated studio space is to drastically improve my acoustic guitar captures, which has been one of my ongoing pursuits - how can I track exactly what I'm hearing coming from the instrument itself? This configuration for a secret side-project is getting pretty close - TLM170R over the soundhole in omni facing the 12th fret, and one of my ADK A51SLE above the fretboard facing back towards the bout of the guitar.

With the capsules at 90-degrees of each other and spaced about 60mm apart, I am getting a nice phase-coherent image that is heading into the SSL Superanalogue channels panned hard L/R with a little high EQ in bell mode on top and some very minor adjustment with a low shelf to keep the proximity in check. Those are then going through the G-series comp, taking maybe 1-2dB off at most, and then into Tools. I'm also grabbing a DI through the pedalboard at the same time with the Strymon El Capistan doing a little slapback echo work, and the Holy Grail adding some hall verb, which I'll later use in mixdown.

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