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Brainchild VHS's release Arcade Academy is out on all formats and streaming platforms and sounds great! The multi-format masters done here at Labyrinth Blue turned out fantastic and I am super pleased with the way the vinyl sounds. Grab a copy!

A few other projects are flowing through the studio here - new tracks in the works with some artists I haven't worked with before, including a master for Terathon and an original tune of my own featuring a killer guest vocalist. More to come!

For now, please enjoy this version of Will West's tune, Take It All Away, tracked via Acapella from coast-to-coast locations. I used an ultra-sketchy cable configuration to get the Kontakt piano to route through my pedalboard, but it turned out semi-decent...though I have definitely ordered a Radial box to better re-amp sounds for future projects. That Strymon El Capistan just sounds incredible on everything.

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