• Tanner Cundy


I'm kicking off the new year with some exciting projects at the home studio - mixes for Brainchild VHS and David Bruneau are in the machine, with more fun stuff on the way. New gigs have been posted, and the hunt is on for The Perfect Hardware Compressor™. I'm a massive fan of the Neve 2264 and the legendary Teletronix LA2A, so the reissues of both units are high on the shopping list.

I've been flexing the SSL SiX, which I added about mid last year, into new territory - especially with regards to the summing. Lately I've run every project through this final stage in a four stereo stem configuration, which I may expand to six stems later this year to take full advantage of the SiX's input capabilities. A fun trick for effects-heavy mixes is to send the core of the track in via three stems (drum/bass, keys/guitars, vocals/etc.) with a fourth stem dedicated to the effects auxes only. The three core stems then go through the bus comp, knocking 2-3dB off at most, and routed to the master out, and the fourth effects stem is routed to the master out with no compression.

The end result is a very nice, glue-y mix, with effects that float above/around the center of the track and create a terrific space that never gets sucked in by bus compression. This can be done in-the-box, of course, but I find the depth of an analog summing option is hard to recreate ITB.


I'd like to introduce my resident producer, who has an uncanny talent for communicating when a part is no good, or a mix is being edited to death.


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