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I've been honored to work with a fantastic selection of bands, artists, studios and labels over my twenty years of professional audio engineering. Here are a few examples of what I do (in addition to my releases, which I've mixed and mastered), along with a partial list of people I've worked for as an engineer or musician.

The Red Octopuses (mixing engineer)
Falling From the Sky
Brainchild VHS (mastering)
Meet Me at the Galleria
David Bruneau (mixing engineer)
Ready to Rock
The Druthers (electric guitar / mastering)
Owe Me
BT ft. Iraina Mancini (remix)
The War (Tanner Cundy remix)

MTV • The Hugs • Rad Max • Will West and the Friendly Strangers • David Bruneau • we]are[tom • Nightingale Records / Tony Coleman • Paper Brain • Erin Adkisson • Brad Brooks • Nicole Berke • Shay Scott • 12 Media Music • Minus Pluto • Thunder Carriage • The Reds • Shanachie Records / Crystal Bowersox • Emmett Wheatfall • The Red Octopuses • Jenna Ellefson • Peter Rodocker and So It Is • Erick Gilbertson • Steve Berlin • Pangur Ban Ceili Band • The Druthers • Ahmond • Adventures! With Might • Alethea Buchal • MARS Mobile Recording • The Sound Image (Woodinville) • Klickitat Band Camp (house engineer) • SuiteMusic LLC • Brainchild VHS • Opera Cinema Strike Force • Bach Cantata Choir • Additional Biscuit • Orchestre L'Pow! • Jonah Luke • Debra Luck • Southern Belle • Bluestone • TERATHON

“It’s been a pleasure working with Tanner on my current project.  He’s been a great collaborator and has been able to breathe some life into songs that have been sitting on a shelf for years.  He really knows his way around his music production studio and I’ve been very happy with the mixes he’s done for me.  He makes a great cup of coffee too!” - David Bruneau (Thunder Carriage)

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