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I like to think of myself as a perpetual student of the creative. With a three-decade history that encompasses everything from radio voiceover to Irish Céilí band guitarist to professional studio engineer, I've lived a pursuit of understanding great audio and legendary music.

Born in Cornwall England in 1985, my first adventures in sound started in Georgia, where I won awards for junior pianoforte performances of Mozart and Beethoven. It was in Georgia at the age of five that I began a fascination of synthesizers and recording technology, and scored my first gig as VO talent for a radio commercial.

My move to the Pacific Northwest kicked off a series of studio internships which culminated in a house engineer position at KBC Records (Portland OR). As a founding member of The Friendly Strangers, and with groups like The Druthers and Pangur Ban, I've logged thousands of live music performances - including a number of shows and tours promoting my own music and albums (King & Queen - 2010 and Flying Under Sea - 2013)

Nowadays, I am focused on my upcoming release (Curious Material - 2021) as well as performing mixing, mastering, and session guitar/keys work for a number of incredibly talented artists that I'm honored to work with. As a result, you can nearly always find me in Labyrinth Blue Studios, faithfully accompanied by my ghost producer, Kissa the Cat.

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